History concept Spa

After flight, long trip, and hard workind day, there is a place in Irkutsk where you can truly relax physically and emotionally.
Spa-programs of the hotel not only for guests, but also for residents of the city are a good tradition of the weekend. The intimate atmosphere of the spa area and relaxation processes will help relax and renew not only the body, but also the head.
There are more than 20 specialists in the spa-services staff: from massage therapists and cosmetologists to nail-masters.

Our philosophy
Beauty is in the details.
Pleasure in moments.
We are changing the world for the better
by making people a little happier.

Icoone Laser

Icoone Laser is the best device for body correction!

Due to laser, LED, and vacuum, the device allows you to quickly and painlessly achieve a unique aesthetic result!
A course of massage by Icoone Laser will help get rid of cellulite and fat deposits, restore skin tone, activate blood circulation and lymph flow. By stimulating the production of collagen, the device provides improvement in quality of skin, both on face and on body! There will be an aureola of youth and health about you!
Icoone Laser is your best assistant on the way to a beautiful body.
Icoone Laser MMAS is a non-invasive technique that allows you to heal, rejuvenate the skin, achieve its tightening without surgical intervention. This unique technology has no analogues and provides multi-micro-alveolar stimulation of the connective tissue, due to which aesthetic defects are eliminated from the very first procedure.

The heads used are selected individually depending on the chosen program – elimination of aesthetic defects, treatment or rehabilitation after surgery. The result of the hardware massage course is figure modeling, improvement in body and face lines treatment of burns, scars, elimination of wrinkles, cellulite, laxity.

After laser lipolysis, the skin becomes smooth, lifted, and elastic. A cosmetologist can qualitatively influence even hard-to-reach areas of the face and body, including the inner parts of the thighs and arms, decollete, and the moving part of the eyelids.


Japanese detox module Iyashi Dome

⁃ Activates your vitality (in case of loss of strength and low hemoglobin)
⁃ Strengthens immunity (suitable even for children)
⁃ Reduces weight (from 600 to 1000 kcal are burned in one procedure)
⁃ Removes toxins (due to soft and deep heating with long infrared rays)
⁃ Normalizes sleep
⁃ Reduces stress
⁃ Accelerates metabolism
⁃ Removes excess fluid from the body (removes swelling)
⁃ Relaxes muscles after exercises or sedentary work
⁃ Removes heavy metals from the body (aluminum, lead, cadmium, mercury)

As a result of the course, you will get not only a general improvement in the body, but also a lean beautiful body and skin (due to production of collagen, the effect is noticeable on the face skin)
The best gift you can give yourself or the person who has everything! Health and beauty never go amiss!