Le Chef gastronomic

Is there anything more important in a hotel restaurant than impeccable service, quality products, and strict adherence to the recipe of dishes? Yes, if the indicators above are important by default. History Hotel and Le Chef restaurant is a place for people. And the most important thing for us is the dedicated work of the captain of the gastronomic ship - the chef of the restaurant Aleksandr Evmenov.

•Restaurant aesthetics
•Communication with guests
•Importance of the moment
•Respect for the guests and the place where the best breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served
•There are no trifles in the restaurant business.

For Le Chef, each of the guests' meals is an individual ritual that requires special preparation and approach. Meetings, events, dinners - there are a lot of various tasks. And our team knows how to work smoothly and adapt to the request. Our experience is reflected in the design of the restaurant interior, in dishes and gastronomic references to the place where we live, in delicacies and seafood (mussels, sea urchins, scallops, and oysters) transported in aquariums and cooked immediately after choosing a dish from the menu.

Our wine list includes the best wineries in Russia and Europe, and cocktails will make you come back and spend more than one evening with us.

This summer, the restaurant presents the legendary gastronomic set History with an immersion in the history of Irkutsk. This set includes everything - the perfect presentation dynamics, textures, tastes, and presentation of each dish with immersion in history. If you want to touch the gastronomic heritage of the city, you definitely need to taste it.

The restaurant is a good choice both for important negotiations and family dinner. The city is really in love with our cuisine and atmosphere.

The summer terrace of the restaurant is amazing. The whole team and regular guests are waiting for the season from May to September to hide on our terrace from the city noise, stress, and bustle. Soft sofas and refreshing drinks, music and high cuisine are waiting for you after long walks around Irkutsk. The terrace is suitable for private parties, wedding, and other important events.

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