History means
that cannot
be forgotten
Each room of HISTORY hotel provides harmony
of laconic forms and bright texture
of natural materials.
and bar
Le Chef gastronomic restaurant is an elegant gourmet restaurant with snowy tablecloths. The heart of the restaurant is an aquarium with live oysters, mussels, scallops, and sea urchins, which will be prepared by chef Aleksandr Evmenov at the guest's choice. Local products combined with Mediterranean and Asian dishes and cooking techniques formed the basis of the author's menu. Here you can taste not only haute cuisine, but also traditional Siberian dishes served by the chef. A large wine list and author's show-served cocktails will accompany any dish. The main concept of the restaurant is feelings ー feelings that the restaurant shows to guests through cuisine and atmosphere. The interior conveys a sense of the solemnity of the moment with your near and dear ones. Perfection is in the details, and in Le Chef it is reflected in every detail ーin Italian wood furniture, exclusive painting on the walls, Bohemian crystal chandeliers. Here you come into contact with the art of gastronomy, service, and aesthetics.
At Concept Spa, we have combined the care of your health and beauty with the revival of bathing and wellness traditions.

Spa area is a space of complete relaxation, a peaceful atmosphere that is in harmony with the mood of History Hotel and specialists who will help you find a feeling of new body and peace of mind. Time slows down here, and you dive into the wonderful world of magical sensations and care. Bath rituals, oriental rituals, lithotherapy, spa rituals for couples, massage, beauty services are always available for you. It's your choise - where the story of beauty and self-care begins.
One could come up with an incredible legend in which the idea and concept of the hotel appeared in dreams of its founders and was realized at the same moment, but it was not so.

There is always a way, many difficult tasks, a project philosophy that we have been thinking about for several years. The hotel remained a draft project for a long time, until it became clear that the city needed a place where our experience and grandiose interest in various people from various parts of the world would be realized. So in January 2021, we welcomed our first guests in the lobby of the History Hotel.
And we were guided by the main thing - our courage and dream to build our history in Irkutsk, in the very heart of eastern Siberia. Guests of the city love us for our search, work, and creativity as well as style, service, emotions and people. People and their stories.
Stories we have heard from the hotel guests since the opening are countless.

History is a five-star hotel. And every day we work hard to maintain and preserve this status. It is not just a sign of quality, it is a sign of an excellent reputation, time, and attention that we devoted to the hotel. The pool, spa services, level of accommodation and accompaniment of guests, their leisure, our restaurant with a Siberian cuisine and author's presentation - everything is considered.

Five-star status means first of all the trust of our guests who return to the hotel again and again. Our team solves almost any problem in the shortest possible time, the entire communication system is built in such a way that the only thing left for the guests is to take care of themselves and take a break from the speed and noise of city life.
Hystory Hotel is a family run business with traditional values and principles, beautiful history and a great mission. We believe that the family tree of History Hotel will grow, and each of us, whether an employee or a guest, will be a part of the history filled with love.

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